jj grey & mofro

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december 29, 2018 | revolution live

JJ Grey & Mofro delivered their Southern soul rock mixed with funk and gospel on December 28. The material was symbolic of the man’s hometown, Jacksonville, reflecting artists like as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Jerry Reed, as well as Otis Redding’s soulful sounds. While frontman Grey stands as one of the greatest songwriters of the era, he and Mofro certainly impressed with 2-hours’ worth of excitement in their Fort Lauderdale performance.


Mofro kicked off the evening with “99 Shades of Crazy.” The man was draped in a grey pin-striped suit, sporting short hair and a small beard outlining his baby face. All of the listeners clapped their hands over their heads to JJ’s walking on “Air.” Grey later blew a harmonica during “Lochloosa,” a reference to Lake Lochloosa on the outskirts of Jacksonville. Hundreds of spectators joined in the sing-along before Grey even started with the words, “Homesick, but it’s alright. Lochloosa is on my mind… She’s on my mind.”

Concertgoers had a blast chanting to “Ho Cake,” followed by half-a-dozen other feel-good singles, like “Brighter Days” and “The Sun Is Shining Down” in the three-song encore. Onstage, JJ made his way from a Gibson to a vintage Fender Showman, along with keyboards and harmonica. The Northern Florida boys of Mofro certainly enjoyed themselves, flaunting contagious smiles for the extremely receptive audience. “I love seeing these guys,” said Christy Stina, an Executive Assistant from Delray Beach. “I feel fortunate to live in their home state because we get to see them more than most folks.” – Todd McFliker