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3 Doors Down – Away From The Sun

Playing with the passion of a young band, 3 Doors Down delivered Away From the Sun to Boca Raton’s Mizner Park Amphitheater on Saturday, September 16. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Mississippi band had plenty of fun onstage as they sprinkled in a few radio hits alongside their iconic second album. It was a humid night, but the rain stayed away for the crowd of middle-aged concertgoers. There were no chairs, and music enthusiasts had to deal with countless cell phones blocking their views. Regardless, the talent was on point, entertaining with both familiar and unsung material.

“Away From the Sun has always been a personal favorite of mine because of how much it resonated with our country’s service members,” 3 Doors Down’s lead singer Brad Arnold shared in a press release. “We are so blessed to be able to celebrate these significant milestones because we were very young making these albums, and we still have so much more life to give our fans.”

After Candlebox warmed up the stage with a celebration of their 30th anniversary, 3 Doors Down took over with “Pop Song.” Of course, the number had a grunge-feel. “I know it’s a little uncharacteristic to start a concert like this with a song that’s not so well-known,” he explained. “But that song was actually recorded for Away from the Sun and it didn’t quite make the cut. So it’s pretty exciting to get a chance to come out here and play it for you tonight… We’re gonna treat this like a car ride
through the country.”

Dancing purple and pink spotlights and beams of light ran across the top of the stage, like the crew was inside a space ship. Arnold sported a ponytail above a black t-shirt featuring a Native American feather headdress. All evening, the frontman danced around his stage and climbed the five big steps leading to Greg Upchurch’s massive drum. The guitarists Chet Roberts and Chris Henderson were dressed for MTV’s Alternative Nation, while bass player Justin Biltonen was better suited for Headbanger’s Ball with long hair and plenty of ink.

Throughout the night, nostalgic spectators chanted the familiar lyrics of chart-topping singles, including the melodic “When I’m Gone,” “It’s Not My Time,” “Let Me Go” and “Here Without You.” Famous restaurateur Guy Fieri even picked up a guitar and joined the guys onstage for a portion of “I Feel You.” Arnold declared he was having a good time after finishing multiple shows in 115-degree weather. “That was hell,” he said.

South Florida experienced the touching “Loser” and the set wound down with “Sarah Yellin’.” Of course, 3 Doors Down saved the best for last with “Landing in London” and “Kryptonite” serving as their encore. The band displayed extraordinary musicianship, as each artist highlighted his energy and passion onstage.

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