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“In Their Own Words” Sheldon Voss

South Florida Concert Memories


We reached out to dozens of South Florida music personalities and industry veterans for their favorite South Florida concert memory. Stay tuned each month for many exciting stories! Want to share yours? E-Mail us at info@SFLMusic.com

It’s always a difficult task trying to pick one concert show that really sticks out in your memory. Especially when you’re a Fort Lauderdale native/musician…and you were a Co-Owner of an iconic music establishment on Sunrise Blvd. in the 80’s and 90’s (that was also the catalyst of major local Festivals). But I didn’t have to ponder it too long,  when I thought back to March of 1968 and “The Who” played at Code 1 on Federal Highway in Ft. Lauderdale.

Code 1 took over from a defunct ice skating rink and put in 2 stages. Lot’s local bands played there (myself a bass player… and the guys I played with were still in the garage stage of development)…so when The Who came to town all of my friends and other locals all turned out to see and hear them. Their current hit at the time was “I Can See For Miles” and their presence, let alone their musicianship was something I’d never experienced before.

Pete Townsend played (and windmilled) a white Stratocaster. Wore an amazing sequined jacket. Roger Daltrey had on a silk pink top and it was jaw dropping to watch him not only sing, but to hurl his microphone way out over the crowds heads on a long cord and then snatch it back one handedly. These guys were showmen!

Keith Moon had his custom double bass Premier drum set and John Entwistle had something like the largest “Bass Rig” (setup) I’d ever seen…and soon to hear!

I’m not sure how long they played for, but they went through their roster of Hits…I Can’t Explain…The Kids Are Alright…Call Me Lightning (personal favorite because of the bass solo)… I Can See For Miles, Substitute and of course ending with My Generation where they tore up the stage with guitar smashing and drums/cymbals/stands falling everywhere.

I left there that night with my head reeling and my ears ringing! That image is still so riveting in my soul and music visions all these years later.

The next time I got to see them was in July 89’ when they played Joe Robbie Stadium. 21 years had passed…and only three of them remained…Keith Moon died in 1978. Simon Phillips was their drummer for that tour. It was another great show…but nothing will ever come close to that small club atmosphere back in 68.

Here you go Tom. Feel free to do some editing if you feel its necessary. Thanks for getting me to shake the dust off my memory cells.

Sheldon Voss

Native Floridian (8/16/50)

Co – Owner of The Musicians Exchange 17 years with Don Cohen

A musician for over 50 years (Bass/Guitar) with Asante, Grits & Gravy, The Knucklebusters, The Promises, Magic Bus (currently)…and also as “Uncle Shelly” doing inter-active songs with children for 25 years

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