Jimi Fiano – Local Spotlight

By: Rick Yontz | Photo: Susie Levin Fineberg

Jimi Fiano has been playing guitar professionally in South Florida for over 30 years. You can catch him performing live throughout South Florida with an array of bands, artists and music projects he has going on, including the popular Big Rock Band with front-man Alex Lencina. Throughout the years Jimi has worked with members of Foghat, Bad Company, Night Ranger, Cameo, Aaron Hall, Mitch Ryder and Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge, just to name a few. As well as having a tasking live performance schedule, Jimi is also called in for studio session work with various composers and artists.

Currently, Jimi is promoting his newly released album “Sweat and Pray”, his first published work of original compositions and a couple of cover tunes. Producing this album took some time and effort getting the sound and arrangements just right. The vocal tracks we recorded at The Colemine in Nashville with vocal accompaniment from Shaun Murphy (vocalist with Eric Clapton, Bob Seger and Little Feat). The instrumental tracks were recorded at Powerstation Studios in Pompano Beach with drummer Euvoski “Muff” Cunningham and bassist Steve Argy. All final mixing and mastering were done at Royal Palace Studios in Miami Lakes. Of course, Jimi didn’t stop there, he wanted music videos produced for each cut. Two of the videos have been completed and one is soon to be released.

Moving forward, Jimi has scheduled a live performance of the “Sweat and Pray” album, to be performed at the Margaritaville Hollywood Bandshell in March. He has already begun writing songs for his next album, scheduled to be recorded in the fall of this year.

For more information about Jimi Fiano’s new album, videos and show dates. Visit jimifiano.com

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