Mason Pace

By Chris Schmitt

It was 10 years ago when Mason Pace got the Music Bug, from humble beginnings performing covers at local bars, to opening for headlining acts such as Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Vince Neil, to now venturing out up and down the East coast as a headlining act.

With Two studio albums under his belt, “Whateverland” and his more recent EP “King of hearts” Mason is showing the masterful progression of his talents, delivering hard hitting guitar riffs & Vocals and mystic melodies.  Taking his listeners on a journey of sight and sound, through Light and Dark.

His recent show at The Funky Biscuit marked his 10th year anniversary, Infront of a packed house, Mason and his Bandmates slowly and methodically brought the audience through a mystical odyssey.  Touching on “Whateverland” along with some of his biggest hits like “King of Hearts”, “Reborn”, “Mister Van Gogh” then sprinkling in fan favorite covers.  Leading this journey is Mason Pace, a Gibson Guitars Endorsed Mystic Metal / Dark Rock artist, who writes, composes, produces his own music, holding down the Beat behind the Drums, is hard hitting Alex “Animal” Abbasi, with his unfathomable skills.  Johnny Zabe on Bass with his insanely deep rhythms, and newest member Tanner Collins on guitar, now the Mason Pace Band has a cohesive lineup with highly talented musicians.  What truly sets them apart is their magnetic stage presence and infectious energy.

Mason is only starting, with 10 years under his belt, and with a growing fan base, his potential is unlimited, follow up to his latest single “mister Van Gogh”. Mason has recently released his latest single “Storm of Lies” with more music to come, beyond his undeniable talents and dedication to his passion Mason will be a force in the metal scene for years to come.

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