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Rob Zombie / Alice Cooper

Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper and their “Freaks on Parade Tour” descended on West Palm Beach on Sunday August 27th. It was an unforgettable night where two hard rock music titans clashed at the iThink Financial Amphitheatre, transforming it into a haven of rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia. As these two iconic figures in the genre took the stage, they created a spectacle that left the audience in awe. Supporting acts, Filter and Ministry, took the stage first and set the stage perfectly for a night of headbanging and unforgettable performances.

Kicking off the evening was Filter, jumping right into music off their newest cd, “The Algorithm.” Their explosive set primed the crowd for what was coming. Through the thick fog came Ministry, determined to make an impression with their unique blend of industrial metal. The sound coming from the heart pounding 240 beats a second from Roy Mayorga got the audience’s juices flowing. The 6-piece band led by the primal screams and compelling smile of Al Jourgensen made an enduring mark on all those in attendance.

After the intermission came the moment that everyone had been eagerly waiting for as the one and only Alice Cooper graced the stage. From the first note, it was evident that Cooper’s presence was as commanding as ever, sounding and performing as if he had turned back time to an 80’s MTV Music video. He sounded like he was 18 again. The crowd was treated to a theatrical performance that seamlessly blended Cooper’s classic hits with his signature shock-rock antics. With guillotines, snakes, and macabre props, Cooper’s stage

show was an immersive experience that transported the audience into a dark and mesmerizing world. Hits like “Hey Stupid,” “Poison,” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy” had the entire amphitheatre singing along. While Cooper’s charismatic stage presence held everyone’s attention, equally mesmerizing was his band. Ryan Roxie and Tommy Henriksen on guitars welcomed back fan favorite Nita Straus (returning from a stint with Demi Lovato) to complete the triple guitar sound for which Cooper’s band is known. Glen Soble on drums and Chuck Garric on bass round out the lineup.

After the unforgettable Alice Cooper set, the anticipation for Rob Zombie’s performance reached a fever pitch. When Zombie took the stage, it was a sensory overload of visual and auditory stimulation. With his unique blend of horror aesthetics and hard-hitting music, Zombie commanded the stage with an energy that was infectious. His setlist was a perfect mix of solo hits and White Zombie songs that ignited the crowd’s enthusiasm, like “Superbeast,” “More Human than Human,” and “Living Dead Girl”.

Zombie’s production value was undeniable, with elaborate stage setups, pyrotechnics, and mesmerizing visual effects that created an otherworldly atmosphere as fans sang along to every word and moved to the pulsating rhythms.

This concert at the iThink Financial Amphitheatre was a night that showcased the enduring power of rock music, with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie proving that they are true legends of the genre. Their performances, each unique, left an indelible mark on the audience, reminding everyone why rock ‘n’ roll will always remain a force to be reckoned with.

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