Skylar Rogers
Among the Insanity

When the people you hire to work for you prove to be a dedicated and caring bunch, who create a strong support system around you, tools that otherwise might not be available to you, suddenly are. For Skylar Rogers, one such tool was label co-owner Sallie Bengtson introducing her to Terry Wilson. In Skylar’s own words: “…..Thank you for the introduction…… I really loved working with Terry Wilson on this project! As a writing partner he is the best and his knowledge as a producer took this project where I wanted it to go…..”

For Among The Insanity, her third release, Skylar Rogers – the fire breathing vocalist – went into the studio with a whole new killer band. Supplying her with some tools of his own, bassist, vocalist, songwriter, producer and Grammy nominee Terry Wilson reached deep into his talent pool of fine musicians and assembled quite the A-list band for Skylar to work with. Those very recognizable artists include: multi-award winner W. G. Snuffy Walden on lead guitar; Grammy nominee Billy Watts on rhythm guitar; Bennett Salvay on keys; Grammy winner Brannen Temple on drums & percussion; Grammy winner Darrell Leonard on horns; and Grammy nominee Teresa James on background vocals. The disc features twelve tracks of original music with one being a solo composition of Terry’s and the other eleven being co-written with Skylar.

Sadly, when it comes to insanity, these days one needs not to look any further than the front page of any newspaper, the first segment of any news program or the pop ups that appear every time you go on the Internet….it’s all around us and in too damn many ways. However, on the disc’s title track – “Among The Insanity” – the insanity Skylar’s lamenting over is the insanity related to a bad relationship. Musically, the penetrating rhythm and stinging guitar leads are the perfect backdrop to accent the pain and sorrow exuding from Skylar’s emotional and heartfelt vocals.

According to Skylar, there’s some truth to us being told that we were listening to “the devil’s music” while listening to Rock & Roll. Rather than making excuses for some of her early life decisions she’s chosen to just “Blame It On Rock & Roll”. The smoker features hard rockin’ rhythm led by the thunderous drum work of Brannen, and the killer tandem guitar work of Snuffy and Billy.

Along with the title of her last CD – Firebreather – most of the songs Skylar sings will attest to her being able to belt the hell out of a song. On the other hand, her ability to finesse the heck out of a ballad is equally impressive. “When It’s Broken” is one of those songs where her softer side, along with a fabulous range, excels. Led by soft piano and faint organ highlights from Bennett, the whole band is simply silky, as well.
Although it wasn’t the band Skylar was addressing on a track titled “Step It Up”, that’s just what everyone did anyway. Leaving the soft and silky stuff for the ballads, the guys are on fire on this honky-tonk rocker. Terry and Brannen have the rhythm in hard driving mode; while jumping back and forth from romping piano leads to pulsatory organ leads, Bennett is all over the keyboards. BTW, should you want to know who the song is actually addressed to, here’s a hint…..”If you want to be my man, I want to see your plan. Step it up”.

“Between Friends” is a steamy ballad about a steamy love triangle. Once again, it features Skylar wearing her heart on her sleeve with an emotional yet sultry, jazz lounge singer style of delivery. As if using his trumpet to perform a duet with her, Darrell does a masterful job of mimicking Skylar’s vocals with his trumpet. Outstanding to say the least.

On yet another gentle-woman-like performance of another relaxed ballad Skylar absolutely shines on the vocals. The song is titled “Apology Not Accepted” and it’s basically her way of telling some loser she knows he’ll never change. As melancholic as it is, the song is quite beautifully done.
Other tracks on this fabulous new release from Skylar Rogers include: “Love In The Left Lane”; “One Last Kiss”; “Ride That Lightning”; “Both Sides Of The Tale”; “Femininity”; and “The Water”. – Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro

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