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Tedeschi Trucks Band 2023 Mizner Park Amphitheater

by Todd McFliker, photos by Tom Craig

Experiencing Tedeschi Trucks Band was an uplifting experience on Friday, January 27th for thousands at Boca Raton’s Mizner Park Amphitheater. The 12-piece ensemble from Jacksonville includes Susan Tedeschi and her husband, former Allman Brothers Band’s brilliant slide guitarist Derek Trucks. The virtuoso was voted #16 of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time by Rolling Stone. Playing tunes from their fifth studio cut, I Am the Moon, as well as timeless covers, their jams combined blues with Southern soul and gospel. Tedeschi Trucks Band was sensational.

“Since we don’t get to play Jacksonville a bunch, the home state shows are always fun for us,” Derek explained to me in 2016. “That’s when the extended families

usually travel with us, so those are always good shows. In the last few years, we kicked off with a little run in Florida. The band is reconnecting and it’s a great way to start the tour.”

It was a gorgeous winter night. A crowd of rock aficionados appeared a bit aged, especially compared to Derek, who turned 43 in June. Wearing blue jeans and a reddish brown leather jacket, the child prodigy crouched over his instrument. Derek’s remarkable fingerwork was too fast for the naked eye to follow. Susan stood a couple feet to Truck’s left, showing off her spectacular range. Tedeschi wore high-heels, a sundress, and thick-framed black glasses. Sporting long blonde hair past her shoulders, not unlike her husband, she played her beloved Les Paul “Beano” and teal Tele. Tedeschi and Trucks’ were surrounded by drummers, guitarists and six back-up singers with instruments, including a sax, trumpet, organ and tambourine.

The backdrop was covered with funky celestial art as the crew delivered the first three songs off the new album, including “Here My Dear and “Fall In.” More heartfelt selections off the four album release included a sensational “Ain’t That Something.” Susan spoke to the crowd for the first time. She discussed being optimistic when you’re feeling the blues, like when you can’t pay your bills. “We can fix things a little bit sometimes,” she said before performing “Yes We Will.” During “Circles ‘Round the Sun,” Kebbi Williams stepped up with fascinating saxophone solos over tribal beats, reminiscent of The Doors’ spellbinding “The End.”

Then came the evening’s highlight, the intense instrumental “Pasaquan” lasted almost 20 minutes. Trucks stood center stage, swaying his head to the unbelievable riffs. Throughout the memorable piece, Trucks’ stylistic voice and artistic direction led other musicians who joined in, including drummers Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell and Isaac Eady. I heard obvious nods to everyone from Duane Allman and Keith Richards to Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and John Bonham’s inconceivable solos. Next, Susan introduced every group member before keyboard player Gabe Dixon stepped up “to help me out with this one,” a heartfelt cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”


Derek is so cool, just standing by his wife and jamming for hours at a time. Spectators witnessed his phenomenal slide work, as a small smirk was often visible on the man’s face, even if he rarely looked up. All evening, concertgoers were simply in awe of Derek’s abilities on his Gibson SG guitar. I assume the 1961 Reissue, Trucks’ signature model, is his instrument of choice.

Following a long set break, the talent reappeared, this time with a giant butterfly on the backdrop. Derek, who had changed into a brown plaid button-down, played beloved gems, such as The Allman Brothers’ “Stand Back” and Freddie Hubbard’s “Mr. Clean.” Mike Mattison took over the singing during a gospel-infused “Emmaline.” Susan’s vocal acrobatics were topped with her impressive guitar solos in “Just Won’t Burn.” Derek regained his spotlight during the Dr. John cover “I Walk on Guilded Splinters.” As usual, 2016’s “I Want More” wound down with another highlight, Santana’s trippy “Soul Sacrifice,” one of Derek’s longtime favorites. In fact, South Floridians have heard it before at this particular venue. The talent gave love and exited the stage, only to return with “Space Captain” as their encore. Derek shined one last time as his wife raised her arms and danced beside his slide guitar. Each artist stood out, proving that Tedeschi Trucks Band is truly marvelous at mixing improvisation and experimentation onstage.

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