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Day Of The Dead

Celebrate the Day of the Dead with one of the biggest street parties in South Florida on Saturday, November 2nd in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. From re­gional artists to live music, the festival has blown up in the last few years. What began as 750 attendees in 2010 grew into more than 19,000 in 2018.

The Day of the Dead will take place in three locations along the Riverwalk in Fort Lauderdale. The Skeleton Proces­sional, featuring 60 puppets and more than 1,000 skeletons will trail mariachi musicians along the Riverwalk. Guests will see more than 100 altars of re­membrance, sugar-skull paintings, and mariachi bands, on seven stages. The soiree will end at Revolution Live with music and a huge fiesta

On a mission to maintain and respect the cultural essence of the Day of the Dead tradition, participants of all ages can look forward to the Day of the Dead every November 2nd. It interjects a mod­ern aesthetic as envisioned by regional artists. Additionally, skeleton-themed workshops, and exhibitions shall be created each September and October to offer the community an 8-week series of entertainment.

The first of the three exciting events is the “100th Ofrenda Exhibition” at the New River Inn. It will feature altars or “ofrendas” covered in photos, hand-painted paper mache skeletons, sugar skulls, marigolds, and food for the dead. The “Casa Calavera” exhibition will fea­ture the exquisite paintings of Heather Calderon, sometimes known as the “Day of the Dead Artist.” Her paintings are inspired by a fascination with skel­etons and an exploration of childhood and heritage. Led by renowned artist Linda Quakenbush, the interactive “In Memoriam” exhibition will offer guests multiple opportunities to create im­promptu memorials for loved ones. The final products will be displayed during the Florida Day of the Dead Celebration in a pop-up exhibition. It will be an excit­ing time leading up to The Day of the Dead Celebration in Fort Lauderdale.

That evening, Fort Lauderdale is turn­ing Day to Night on November 2nd with the returning festival featuring Unlimited Devotion & Crazy Fingers- plus an au­thentic Dia De Muertos experience in­cluding mariachi, activities for all ages and more at this Revolution Street Par­ty! Honor the tradition of DOTD while celebrating the positive energy of the Grateful Dead, sharing music with fans young & old. Tickets for Night of the Dead are available at www.JoinTheRevolution.net.

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