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2-Time Grammy Nominee Sean Ardoin Drops “Came Thru Pullin’“

2-Time Grammy Nominee Sean Ardoin Drops “Came Thru Pullin’“ June 19

Sean Ardoin has tweaked the time machine! On the heels of his Grammy-nominated CD, Kreole Rock and Soul, he’s re-imagined ten songs from his previous twenty years as a solo artist. He’s added modern sounds to old zydeco classics from his extensive songbook. “Came Thru Pullin'”is a clarion call to the listeners, alerting them of the wild musical journey they’re about to begin. The eight songs in the middle of this Kreole Rock and Soul sandwich all lead up to the climactic closer, “Shut Them Down.” The new album drops Friday, June 19 on Zydekool Records. Sean says he likes telling stories with his songs and that music should take you places and give you the opportunity to chose to be happy…well, this is that!

The Ardoin name is one of the most revered in Creole and Zydeco music. Sean Ardoin’s family legacy started with legendary Creole musician Amédé Ardoin, whose songs are the foundation for Cajun and Creole music; followed by Bois Sec Ardoin, one of the best-known practitioners of the state’s rural Creole sound for six decades; and his father, Lawrence “Black” Ardoin. After co-leading the critically-acclaimed Zydeco outfit Double Clutchin’, Sean set out on his own musical journey in 1999.

Sean represents the roots and progressive future of Louisiana’s Creole Zydeco sound like no other artist. A rare combination of tradition, talent and creativity, he started a new genre called Kreole Rock and Soul in order to express his artistry without the confines of the traditional Zydeco idiom.
He sees a bright future for his band and brand. With his new album Came Thru Pullin’ (previously released as Ven) and his two recent Grammy nominations, Sean Ardoin is ready to bring that Kreole flavor to you with all the spice you can stand.
More at http://seanardoin.com and https://www.facebook.com/seanardoin/.

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